[Vwdiesel] Do Diesels ever need similar type cleaning?

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
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Although if it's a turbo and you have just run it hard it's a good idea to 
cool it down at idle for a minute or so. This pertains to the life of the 
turbo, though, not keeping the engine clean.

Oh, and the same holds true for any turbo vehicle, gas also. We even used to 
idle the loaders and backhoes for cooldown at the end of a long run period.

Tony Hoffman
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>> I've read that with a diesel you're not supposed to let it sit and idle 
>> to
>> warm up because that's hard on it. It is better to run them with a load.
>> Though not full bore, either. Sorry, I can't remember the exact reason 
>> that
>> was stated or exactly where I read it.
>  Perhaps you're thinking of the practice of letting a diesel
> just sit and idle instead of shutting it off?  This pertains to
> a warm engine instead of a cold one.  It allows the engine to
> be running at a less than ideal temp which makes for more
> condensation and acid buildup.
>     Loren
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