[Vwdiesel] longevity of 86 jetta?

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Hi Sharon;
	How was that close to 300,000 miles put on the car. If it was 50
trips across the US and back it is probably just broke in. If it is 60,000 5
mile trips to the grocery store it is probably all used up. I would want to
look at maintance records to see when the normally worn out and replaced
parts were taken care of. At that mileage most likely they replaced the
timing belt more than once. How about shocks, struts, brakes, C/V joints,
alternator, vacuum pump, belts, hoses, etc, etc. Perhaps more than likely it
has had a head gasket replaced. I would think that it is likely one would
need to freshen up the engine. Rings, bearings and on the head at least lap
the valves, replace the exhaust guides and valve seals.
	If the body is good and you plan to drive it another one hundred or
two hundred thousand miles rebuilding it has to be a lot cheaper than buying
a new diesel VW. I just wouldn't pay too much for the car unless there has
been a lot of recent work on the expendable parts.
	I just got done resurrecting and rebuilding a 1981 diesel VW Dasher
Wagon and drove it this weekend from Chehalis WA to Twin Falls ID and back a
trip of over 1300 miles on 25.1 gallons of fuel for a nice little mileage
figure of 52.9. Now tell me how many new cars can do that. 
Brian Decker
Curtis WA

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I'm so glad I found this list. My daily driver is a cummins in my 3/4t truck
so I just don't know about the vw diesels. My husband would like to get a
jetta or golf. I saw an 86 Jetta with 295k miles? It seems like a lot of
miles to me. Is it just about worn out or can it go another 100K? 200k?

Also what other types of engine troubles should we be on the lookout for
when we look at the car?

If anyone has any info or comments I'd really appreciate it.

thanks a lot,

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