[Vwdiesel] San Francisco Area Parts Houses

David Cook vwdieselbunny at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 10 00:55:36 EDT 2007

Hey all-

Next week I am heading out to SF to purchase a new to
me Cabriolet.  I'm going to have to replace a rear
brake cylinder or two before I can drive it back.  I
plan on bringing them with me.

What I'm wondering is about the location of some good
shops in case I come across something else I might
need to buy for the car before I leave for home.

Also, assuming that the rest of the car is good to go,
I'd like to add cruise control.  So if you've got a
full kit you'd sell, let me know.  Or, if you can
recommend a good wrecker in that area that might have
what I need, let me know.

If you get this more than once, sorry for the



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