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> Has anyone installed any type of drain for the coolant system in their 
> jetta, are there any aftermarket peices? I was thinking maybe there's a different 
> model that I might be able to Frankenstien into it.

  None that I know of.  I put one in my Rabbit though.  It should 
work the same on yours.  Not enough money in it to produce them.
  Start by removing the pipe that goes to the straight hose (with 
two different sizes at the ends) that goes to the water pump.  It 
also goes to the heater and reservoir I believe.  Get a radiator 
drain valve (like you used to see on all American car radiators).
You need a threaded pipe sleeve/coupling that fits the valve. 
  Cut the sleeve in about half or a little longer.  Grind a radius 
into the cut end so that it'll slip onto the "side" of that coolant 
pipe.  Trial fit the pipe back in to find the correct location and 
angle for your drain.  Mark and weld it leak free into place.  :-)
  Get a drill bit that fits in the sleeve and drill into the pipe.  Teflon 
tape and install your valve being sure you don't get any tape into 
the valve seat area.  Reinstall the pipe and refill the engine from 
the upper hose first.  Tada!  Add a drain hose to the valve if 

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