[Vwdiesel] priming the pump

Rudy petersenrudy at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 13 13:23:12 EDT 2007

I just put a clear hose on the return port on the Pump and suck on it till I
see fuel, don't need to bleed the lines from Pump to Injectors.  Works good.


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This is a solicitation for tricks.

I have a 91 NA, which through sitting a while, with a nearly empty tank,
pointed slightly uphill, and with 200kmiles has lost it's prime.  I had the
injector harness off for GP servicing, and now don't get flow to bleed the

I'm probably going to suspend a "transfusion bottle" from the hood, and run
the feed and return lines for the IP into that, to get things going.  But
before I do that, I figured I'd tap the collective wisdom.

Once I get it going, if it continues to loose prime, then I'll be resealing
the pump.  Oh, I don't think the bearings are bad.  Yet.


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