[Vwdiesel] 81 Head Bolts

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Sat Jun 16 02:29:15 EDT 2007

Thanks all for the comments.  I too have only seen the 11mm non stretch and
the 12mm stretch Bolts.  I'm sure this is some fix that someone has done,
"something that fits"

I'll pull the Head back off tomorrow and measure it up and find out for

These Bolts are the same length as the correct stretch Bolts so it has to be
the Head.


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  Sounds like something that "fits" has been used, maybe by someone that
didn't like stretch bolts.  I believe stretch bolt are all full-thread so
that would make then non stretch.  Maybe they're stock bolts from a fastener
supplier, maybe they're from another engine.  They were too long so spacers
were used to keep them from bottoming out.  Someone went to a bit of trouble
measuring and figuring to use a substitute bolt.

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