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B&R You inspire me ^_^

On 6/18/07, B & R Decker <bdecker001 at centurytel.net> wrote:
> Any thing is possible. In 1973 my wife rolled my diesel 1962 Mercedes 180
> D
> that had a recent rebuild to 2 ltr. The 4 wheel drive guru in the Green
> district of Roseburg Oregon built and adapter to a Jeep T 90 tranny and
> installed the Mercedes 4 banger diesel into a Jeep FC 150 forward cab 4
> wheel drive pickup.
> Brian Decker
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> It is a 2.8 L, sorry I pulled that out of my head on a minutes notice.
> Primary use will be just for fun, and the conversion is just for learning
> That and I noticed the 1.9L Turbo VW puts out as much torque as the V6

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