[Vwdiesel] More Dasher?

William J Toensing toensing at wildblue.net
Tue Jun 19 00:17:57 EDT 2007

Finally got the head off today & what to my wandering eyes did appear was a crack in the block  where the right front head bolt goes in. I did not find any cracks where the other 11 mm headbolts screw into the block.  What I am thinking of doing is to get 12 mm studs of proper length instead of  12 mm head bolts, tap the block for 12 mm studs, & JB weld the stud into the right front block where it is cracked.  In following the discussion on VW headbolts there was discussion of using ARC racing headbolts or studs instead of the stock VW stretch bolts. Is there an online source for the ARC headbolts & studs? 

I used an 11 mm tap to clean the threads when I replaced the headbolts before. I wonder if I made the holes too large when I used the 11 mm tap since I read some comment in the headbolt discussion that the VW factory headbolts were some odd ball size slightly smaller than 11 mm?  Are the factory 12 mm  threads & bolts a slightly different size than a standard 12 mm thread? In changing the threads from 11 mm to 12 mm, do the holes have to be drilled out or are the 11 mm holes large enough to accept the 12 mm tap. Do you think JB welding the right front crack will work or am I wasting my time with that block?  I had a local machine shop check to seer if the head was warped & they said no, but recommended it be surfaced. I recall reading somewhere recommendations that VW diesel heads not be surfaced. The head has surface cracks about a fingernail's width between the valve seats but I recall reading that practically all VW diesel heads have these cracks between the valve seats & these small cracks up to a fingernail's width 
do not render the heads useless.

Again, where would I buy the 12 mm ARC racing studs? Or would you recommend I go a different route? Do you know the proper length? Do you have a particular ARC part number I should order? Also, do I need 12 mm hardened washers or will any washers do? I want to do the job right this time & not have to do it over again. I am not an experienced engine rebuilder & the only engine I have rebuilt was on a Model A Ford, but the job was successful.

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