[Vwdiesel] More Dasher?

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HI James;

	Thanks for the ARP number for 12mm studs that will fit the VW
diesels that will save a few bucks over buying Race-Ware 12mm studs. I
believe that ARP lists 11mm studs for gas Rabbits which should fit the 1.5
and early 1.6 VW diesels that use 11mm fasteners.
	Resurfacing a VW diesel head does not change valve adjustment and
normally has nothing to do with valve adjustment or valve shims. You will
perhaps need a thicker head gasket and if you take too much off the head you
might not be able to find a gasket thick enough to avoid valve interference
with the pistons. You could do a valve job and sink the valve further into
the head, shorten the stem or use a thinner shim or both and gain some valve
to piston clearance ( this has to be the harder more expensive way). 	I
always kiss the head when doing a head gasket and have never had to do more
than use a thicker head gasket. I have never measured a used VW 1.5 or 1.6
head that wasn't warped. Most are warped beyond the spec that VW gives as
Brian Decker

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  ARP 251-4701 for a Ford Cosworth fits all 12mm tdi through 1.6td.
Unsure about the 11mm, never done one.
Raceware has the 11mm studs however.


Yep, sort of- there's more to it than just resurfacing.  Unless you are 
willing to change valve stem length to compensate for the reduced head 
length. It's a job left to good head shops that do this stuff a lot. 
It's easy to get a head that you can't get thin enough shims for the valves.


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