[Vwdiesel] More Dasher?

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To go from a crossways Rabbit to a fore and aft Dasher is easy. All the
parts one needs to switch are already on the Dasher. The blocks and heads
are the same. You will need to change the pan and probably the valve cover.
You will need to take the bottom off of the Dasher oil pump and switch it
with the Rabbit since the pickups are different. You need to put a pilot
bearing in the crank and use the Dasher flywheel and clutch. You will need
to change the motor mounts and use the Dasher alternator holder. I'm sure I
missed some things but you have on a Dasher all the parts you need to switch
to put a Rabbit engine in a Dasher. I have done the switch both ways many
	In your case the first thing to assert in is are we talking 1.5 and
1.6 diesels. An 81 Rabbit from the factory would have had a 1.6 engine but
it may have been an early 81 block that used 11mm non-stretch bolts or a
late 81 that used 12mm stretch bolts. If you found 12mm studs in the Rabbit
they must be aftermarket. I think you said your Dasher is an 80 which I
believe would have had a 1.5 engine stock. If so your head won't match up
with the 1.6 block. I wish I lived close enough to come look at what you
have. Mechanicing over the internet is iffy at best. Even if you have to go
to a junk yard to buy a block and rebuild it I believe you would be better
off than trying to use a block with a crack out of the bolt hole. Use it for
a boat anchor. 
	The last tank of diesel I ran through my 81 Dasher wagon netted me a
nice 52.7 mpg. This Saturday I will be going to Canada and plan to go 60 mph
using my cruise control as much as possible and I hope to get over 55 mpg
average for the trip
Brian Decker

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Went to my '81 Rabbit that someone stole the head from, & found it had two
12 mm studs I was able to salvage. I found the studs to be 5&1/4" long. The
11mm bolts were 3&11/16"  long from the bottom of the bolt head to the tip.
The crack  is 3/8" deep, then turns 90 degrees. Since the bolt hole is
1&3/8" deep, I wonder if hole could be drilled a little deeper & tapped for
a 12 mm stud & save the block. If necessary, I think I could salvage the
block from the Rabbit & rebuild that engine. To switch a Rabbit diesel what
changes have to be made. Does it take a different fly wheel, clutch?
Is ARP251-4701 the correct length for my non-turbo '81 diesel engine?
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