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> get the econo 
> box tires instead, the ride quality might suffer some, but it can help 
> the mileage a little.

  On my 914 tire pressure made a HUGE difference in mileage.  
I could fill up and loaf it 12 miles on the highway, to the first 
stop light (not anymore!) and one time I made 40mpg on the 
Compucruise.  Most of the time it was in the high 30's.  That 
was with the tire pressure at max for the tires so 32 or 36psi.
  One time I set pressures to recommended, low to mid 20's.  
I believe it showed about 28mpg for that same run!  I went 
to the first station and filled them back up!  Mileage went 
right back up also.  It made a really nice difference in 
handling too (lower pressure) but not THAT much!  Never 
noticed that much handling difference on the Rabbit.  Haven't 
run a full tank on lower pressures either.  Not after that!

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