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Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
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Along the tire lines, 13's are even better. I've had to consider this for my 
brake upgrade. And, yes, run the tires at max pressure. That is actually 
something better about the lower profiles, is usually they have a higher 
max. I'm curious what the diffference is between the rolling resistance of a 
155 13" at 35psi, and a 185 14" at 44psi. These are the maxes on my current 
tires, just for example.

As for the rest, a full under car plate/pan would help. Also, I'd try 
blocking off the grille for aerodynamics reasons. Keep a close eye on the 
temp gauge, though. On my 4000 (side mount radiator) it made no temp 

One other thing, William, those 16V wheels look good, but they are very 
heavy complared to other 14" wheels. Stock GTI wheels are about the lightest 
factory 14's VW offered.

Tony Hoffman

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> one thing that helps a lot are the tires, rolling resistance needs to
> be reduced. go with the thinnest tire you can fit on the rim and run it
> with as much air as the tire can take and not wear it too severly, i've
> had good luck running my tires at 40 psi, no abnormal wear and i drive
> my na golf 520 miles a week back and forth to work, i've got 36k on
> those tires and they still have good tread and no abnormal wear. those
> 185/65's are a semi performance tire meant for high grip, get the econo
> box tires instead, the ride quality might suffer some, but it can help
> the mileage a little.
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