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Illinois, USA, changed the inspection rules. stopping testing on anything,
at this point, 1994 and older. they stopped testing the largest group of
cars that  fail and thus  allow them to continue poluting. It is beyond even
bad judgement. whom would benefit from such a change, It has been suggested
that this was a way for the state to reduce testing costs. It seems that a
new way of testing, computer module hook up, is being used and the a new co.
got the contract and that this co. has little experience though was a big
contributer to the current govenor. Politics again> 

	Emissions inspections here in the land of Lincoln- and Capone- were
required only in the metro areas, by USEPA standards. The state just
executed a federal mandate. While our governor certainly has a habit of
favoring questionable contributors, dropping the inspections relates more to
lowering the standards at the federal level. Given the habit of his
contributors of pissing on themselves and then rolling over when contacted
by the Office of the Federal Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois,
this one would certainly seem to be an avenue that Mr. Fitzgerald would be
pursuing aggressively. 
	Scott Kair     

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