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We have the Perkins diesel engine in the forklift at work. It cranks right up and rungs great.


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>Wasn't the Perkins support I was worried about.  It was the English mfg. 
>Eaton.  Eaton no longer supported the model of tranny that was in the 
>truck.  Perkins dealer was more then happy to sell me parts and service 
>for the 354.  The Perkins dealer was willing to do a courtesy 
>prepurchase inspection on the engine.  I guess not technically a pickup 
>but the Perkins 354 was an option in the PD 500/600 series and maybe the 
>W series in the mid '60s.  http://www.sweptline.com/hist/bigtrucks.html
>Couldn't find I but thought I had saw on the web a 4x4 powerwagon of the 
>mid 60s vintage that had the Perkins.  Might have been the PW 300 on the 
>above site.
>> First of all, Perkins is alive and well, and has a presence in the US market.  I was at the World of Concrete last month and spoke at great length with the people on their stand.  Sorry I don't have their contact information handy (not home), but a quick search should turn them up.  I think you will find the 6-354 a lot easier to support than you fear.
>> Secondly, there were never any Perkins engines in Dodge pickups.  The time was in the '70s (specifically '77 - '79 I believe) and the engine used was a 4.0 litre Mitsubishi 6 cyl.  
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