[Vwdiesel] bus engines

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Sat Mar 3 10:44:37 EST 2007

for a 30K# bus, you need more than a cummins 24v
A small engine working hard continuously will use more fuel and have a 
shorter life than a bigger engine working less hard...  the larger 
displacement gives more available torque for better driveability too.

when you say dt motor, you mean a dt466 international?

They're good.  In a highway tractor they were a little over their head, 
but in bus applications, should work well.  It does depend how they were 
set up.  In ag use, I had 2 of them in combines where they were 
bulletproof at 210hp.  The highway tractors I know that had them were 
given an intercooler and increased to 280.  That was a mistake, they 
didn't seem to last there... but, if you could source an entire 
powertrain from a truck wrecker (there should still be lots in service 
in dumptrucks, and straight job delvery trucks)you would do well.  they 
were really nice to use and work on.  If you get a choice, get a later 
one with the inline fuel injection pump.  It was a better runner.  The 
earlier radial pump was okay too, but the governor on the inline reacted 

adamo robison wrote:
> i know this is a bit off vw topic but i have a school bus and am looking 
> to replace the motor trans with something more modern and efficient. i 
> heard the dt is the best but what of the cummins  12 or 24 valve. are 
> agriculture or isuzus applicable. the bus probably weighs 30k lbs.
> once again off topic but it seems like some of you really know what you 
> are talking about.  or any good leads or links to find or find out.
> thank you
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