[Vwdiesel] Oil pump replacement

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Thu Mar 8 02:36:50 EST 2007

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mikitka at earthlink.net writes:

> I just went to the dealer and they looked up the oil pan gasket for me. Not 
> sure what specific model year it is for.  Maybe Loren knows.
> Nick

  Actually the only rubber pan gasket I knew of was part of 
the windage tray.  I've never had any leaks from the original 
gaskets even when reusing for a second or more time.
  Anything from a 1.5 through all the 1.6 should directly 
interchange pan gaskets, I'd suspect the 1.9 will also, but 
haven't looked closely enough at the TDI pans to have an 
opinion on them.  ;-)
  There are 3 oil pumps.  26mm, 30mm, and 36mm tall gears.  
I don't think the 26 is even made anymore.  When moving up 
to the 36mm pump you have to source a couple longer bolts 
to bolt the pump in.  26 to 30 just bolt on with the same ones.

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