[Vwdiesel] Rabbit leaks water

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Are you referring to the area where the Blower Motor is?  Otherwise I'm not
sure where you are talking about.  You say in back of Firewall, do you mean
on the Firewall or up in the Rain Tray area above and behind the Firewall. 

Thanks for the tip, I'll check it out right away.


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On the passenger side, under hood, in back of firewall is a plastic air
intake. Many leaks come from this area. The gasket between the plastic box
and the chassis metal rots out in its old age. Barring major surgery to
replace, you are left with the option of cleaning/caulking the perimeter of
the box where it meets metal (need some small hands for back side).

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I'm trying to chase down a water leak in an 81 Rabbit on the passenger side.
When I reach up under the dash and behind the glove box there is a little
water on the tube for the air vent.

I think the water originates in the front and runs under the front seat to
the rear floor.  Would some of you guy's relay some of your experiences?
I'm running out of places to look for sources.  Thanks

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