[Vwdiesel] Injection pump questions

MLightner mikel at buncombe.main.nc.us
Sat Mar 10 07:51:05 EST 2007

The IP on my Jetta 1.6TD has a leak that comes and goes, I think it's 
the o-ring between the pump body and the distributor head; when its 
below freezing it will leak from a couple to several drops a second, and 
it will stop once the engine warms up.

After seeing an article and pictures on doing the o-ring replacement on 
a TDI IP, I'm wondering if the procedure would work for the older IPs.  
In brief,  the  injection lines are removed and the pump head is backed 
out from the body until the o-ring is visible in its slot, then a new 
o-ring is slid on over the distributor block to replace the old one.
1) In the article it says something about using a viton o-ring, and 
viton having a better "memory", as far as returning to it's original 
size after being stretched.  It also mentions that  viton  would be the 
best choice as far as its resistance to degradation caused by various 
fuels.  I can't seem to find anywhere that carrys the specific o-ring , 
or any site that  has much info about any o-rings I can get from them.  
Actually, the only place I've found that offers a kit is

Is anyone familiar with them, or know of a good source on-line, for 
either the o-ring, or just good info on o-ring selection?

2)  I had an old NA IP laying around and removed the distributor-block  
completely, so am now a little familiar with the difficultys of 
reassembly  - I think I got all the parts back in it the right places on 
the 4th or 5th assembly attempt, ended up using some multi-purpose 
grease to hold things in place while reassembling - at least it seems to 
turn over by hand as it did prior to disassembly, but I don't know if 
the pump was working to begin with.
Anyway, I'm wondering if turning the thing over by hand would give an 
indication as to whether things are working properly inside, or would 
the pump need to be powered somehow to verify that it's working - after 
reassembly, I  filled it with fuel, hooked up 12V to the solenoid, and 
tried turning the pulley, but had no sign of fuel trying to spit, or 
even dribble, out of the injection ports - just wondering if there's a 
valid way to test it upon reassembly without having to reinstall it, 
were I to go ahead and take the TD IP apart to replace the seals.

3)  I have another NA pump that I'm thinking may work as a temp 
replacement for the leaking one, wondering if it should be a bolt-on 
replacement, provided it is still in running condition - Any tips would 
be appreciated in how to check it, it's been sitting around for quite a 
while, but has a mix of fuel and ATF in it and feels about like the leaking
IP when you turn it by hand.

Thanks in advance for any info.

Mike in NC

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