[Vwdiesel] Injection pump questions

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 Dang!  I'd have to look but I paid about $30 for a rebuild kit 
that I was going to offer up here.  I was able to get the two 
o-rings I needed from Seattle Injector so I didn't need to 
break into the kit for just two o-rings.  :-)  Anybody need 
  I'd be inclined to get a couple of slightly longer bolts so you 
can back the distributor out a little further if need be.  Pull two 
bolts, replace with longer ones then back out or remove the 
other two.
 You should be able to hand crank the pump but remember, even 
with the pump full of fuel, it takes several seconds of cranking to 
fill the injector lines and start.  It should spit hand cranking, it's 
just going to be rough on the hand without some kind of crank 
  About any Bosch rebuilder should be able to get you the correct 

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