[Vwdiesel] My case

Andrew Buc AndrewBuc at staxman.net
Sat Mar 10 20:08:40 EST 2007

On Mar 10, 2007, at 4:44 AM, Doyt W. Echelberger wrote:

> For decades it has been common knowledge that
> diesel folk are better-looking, stronger, and healthier than others  
> in the
> automotive community. Less well known statistics indicate they have  
> faster
> recovery rates from many conditions and better luck with government  
> red
> tape of all sorts.

If you came late to the diesel persuasion, do you still get some  
benefits? Is it like giving up smoking after smoking for years? :)  
Speaking of which, I'll have had the Quantum TD for a year next Friday!

Sandy, best of luck to you! Your situation made me think of a recent  
column by Froma Harrop arguing that here in the States, while the  
health care system isn't above criticism by any means, we shouldn't  
try to pattern it on the Canadian system.

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