[Vwdiesel] Injection pump questions

MLightner mikel at buncombe.main.nc.us
Sun Mar 11 22:20:24 EDT 2007

Sandy Cameron wrote:

>At 09:56 AM 11/03/2007 -0500, Sandy wrote:
> There are an awful lot of those (well, quite a few) pumps out thereh in
>junkers and junk yards, usually well embalmed with diesel fuel, crying to be
>"harvested" as they say in the organ transplant business.
Hmm, now that's a comforting thought;  I think I'd feel comfortable if I
had a good spare and a parts spare -er, well, maybe I ought to make that
2 of each.  Yeah,  two of each for each vehicle I own, that ought to do

>It behooves each of us IDI crackpots to aquire and preserve a couple of
>these arguably precious devices against the evil days when they no longer exist.
Haven't really been looking in wrecking yards yet, but think I may go
browsing, just to see what is available and for how much.  What with all
the recent discussion of diesel conversions, I'm kind of hankering for a
vw-powered vehicle
that doesn't have any of those parts on it that are getting ready to
break at a mere 150-200k .

>I have a couple of TD pumps which are not for sale yet, but I plan to
>re-write my will soon.......:^0
It's good to be prepared, but, hopefully there won't be cause to be
reading that for many more years yet- But, just in case, shall I go
ahead and send you my personal info? - just kidding, just kidding  8^>)

Seriously though, best wishes for a rapid recovery.


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