[Vwdiesel] IP rebuilders

MLightner mikel at buncombe.main.nc.us
Mon Mar 12 09:49:08 EDT 2007

Sandy wrote:

>I doubt, if it runs, that the pump is at fault.

>It's more likely sucking air at one of the several / many joints in the fuel
>supply line.

>And if that were not enough, there are one, possibly 2 stupid little cheap
>plasticcheck valves that fail silently and permit lines to drain back while

>Want the full monty? will take quite a while for me to type at the moment,
>one hand doesnt work too well yet


I think a check valve is what caused my IP to start leaking - when it first started 
to leak I eventually found that the check valve on the return line was clogged.  I cleared the check valve, put it back on the car and there was no more leak - till the next day, when I again found that the check valve was clogged.  

After a few cycles of that over a period of a couple weeks, and a progressively leakier pump, I finally removed the check valve, but that no longer caused the leaking-til-warmed up to cease; so I really suspect that that's what 
is responsible for the IP's problem, in effect the restricted return line over-pressured the IP and fuel finally found an easier way out of the pump.  

Since it still seals once it warms up, I think I may try just greasing up the o-ring first with some silicone-based compound, but I need to have a known good IP ready to install, just in case that makes it worse.  Anybody else tried that?

Mike in NC

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