[Vwdiesel] brake bleeders

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James have you got that round the right way? Not snorting hemp pollen are 
you ;o)

Surely pressure at the hydraulic fluid loading bay will allow auto-drip 
cleansing down at the dirty slave end.
Just had a thought why not use a vaccuum line on the bleed nipple?

How to do this?

Just get a 50cc plastic syringe and apply a vac to a piece of transparent 
bleed tubing... raise it up and see all the crud /air seep out as nipple 


>From: James Hansen <jhsg at sasktel.net>
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>Subject: Re: [Vwdiesel] brake bleeders
>Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 12:12:03 -0600
>There are reasons not to do this.
>you push the old used contaminated fluid, dirt, rust what have you
>through the entire system, back through the master cylinder, where it
>will stay in the master cylinder and eat up the master cyl seals.
>The stuff at the end of the line, gets the heat, and wearing bits from
>the slave cylinder in the lines, you really want to do away with this,
>not put it into the rest of the system.
>Justin and Michella Bennett wrote:
> > I have used pump type oil cans and ran the fluid up from the wheel
> > cylinder, thus refilling master cylinder.
> > Justin
> >
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