[Vwdiesel] feeler on jetta sale, location and other travel thoughts

raymond greeley rgreeley2 at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 16 10:48:44 EDT 2007

thanks Michael, Me and the car live in chicago presently, though i just 
spent the winter on the
texas coast (padre national seashore) and will try to create this time every 
winter somewhere warm.
The challenge is to find a medium size diesel truck/van that i can live in 
for several months. The sprinter looks good among others, possibly a dodge 
cummins pickup with some morphed
rv backside instead of the standard rear bed.
I will have some picks of the jetta over the weekend. thanks, ray

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>You might please tell us where the car is located, in case there are any
>potential buyers on board here.
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>Hello folks, I have a 91 jetta that i would like to sell. I want to keep
>motor and trans as the engine is a good running low mileage td. I am
>wondering if it makes sense to install a NA motor
>i have. It narrows my marketability to sell it wo, though, maybe someone
>a motor they would prefer to use from the beginning. We typically end up
>going thorough these little gems when we get one anyway. It is a 4 door,
>with air (not working), average condition,  small amount of rust.
>So this is my situation. Once i get the motor out i'll change that
>water pump.
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