[Vwdiesel] Got a new (used) car!

The President quantum-man at hotmail.co.uk
Fri Mar 16 21:48:57 EDT 2007

The early TDI's are now not much more than a Quantum; you seem to have paid 
a lot for something with no frontage... So try this metallic number for 



>From: LBaird119 at aol.com
>To: vwdiesel at vwfans.com
>Subject: [Vwdiesel] Got a new (used) car!
>Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 21:22:28 EDT
>   Had to pay a bit too much for it but with the low miles, bolt on
>parts, cheap, quality painting available and the sudden possibility
>of someone assembling and driving it out for me (or $800 shipping)
>AND it being a wagon.  I couldn't really risk loosing it for a few
>hundred bucks!
>   I'll probably paint, windshield and sell the Jetta now as well as
>the mini van so if anybody's interested...
>   Just had to brag/gloat/whatever!  :-D  It'll save a ton in fuel
>costs over the <20mpg mini van!
>      Loren
>  Click here: eBay Motors: Volkswagen : Passat (item 130087383276 end time
>Mar-16-07 18:17:50 PDT)
>Item >
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