[Vwdiesel] Maxi Cab

B & R Decker bdecker001 at centurytel.net
Mon Mar 19 14:12:42 EDT 2007

Well Folks I'm back to dieseling it.
	It is hard to give up driving the 81 pickup with it's hot 1800 gas
engine. (about 115 horses)but the lure of 45 mpg is strong. I had a leaky
injection pump on my 1981 1.6 N/A diesel Rabbit pickup and left the project
idle for about 6 months. Here are some of the things already done and some
plans for the future.	
	From a wrecked 81 pickup I cut 8 inches off the top along with the
back of the cab inside of the bed. I then cut out the back side of the cab
on my diesel truck all the single thickness metal. The donated cab back adds
8 inches in the passenger compartment from just above the bed. This shortens
my inside bed length by 8 inches but it doesn't compromise the integrity of
the structure. Now my friends that aren't height disadvantaged can ride in
comfort. I have quite a few mods done to the truck already and many more
planed. The fenders have been flared and I'm running 185-65-15 tires. That
along with a tall FF tranny gives me the following ratios.
5th gear = 3000 RPM = 79 MPH (Somewhat hard to achieve until the turbo and

           2655 RPM = 70 MPH     and intercooler are installed).
4th gear   3000 RPM = 61 MPH
           3404 RPM = 70 MPH
3rd gear   3000 RPM = 43 MPH
           4825 RPM = 70 MPH
2nd gear   3000 RPM = 28 MPH
           4500 RPM = 48 MPH
1st gear   3000 RPM = 16 MPH
           4500 RPM = 24 MPH

	Already installed on the pickup besides the Maxi-Cab are 11 inch
Corrado disc brakes on front. Corrado seats. 185-65-15 tires on alloy
wheels. Bilsteen big piston shocks and Eibach race springs in front. A 90
amp alternator. Cab high Gem top shortened 8 inches.	
	Things I have and will be installing soon. Move the battery to the 8
inch tray created behind the seats in the front of bed. An ADDCO rear sway
bar. Upper front strut brace. BAE turbo and 2.25 inch exhaust system.
Intercooler from a New Beatle gas turbo. Gas Rabbit intake manifold. Audi
5000 CS turbo oil filter holder and oil cooler. Isspro pyrometer and a boost
gauge. Turbo injector pump with injectors rebuilt and set to turbo specs. A
Quaife limited slip for the tranny. A full set of Roger Browns short shift
goodies. Modify my gas tach cluster to work with the W terminal on the 90
amp Quantum alternator I have installed. A four round Euro H 4 headlight
setup from a Dasher. From a Scirocco MK 2 16 valve parts car the rear disc
brakes, lower front strut brace and large master cylinder. There are more
things I'm sure that I haven't thought of yet or else have forgotten.
Brian Decker
Western Washington

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