[Vwdiesel] Advice for quickly removing an engine/tranny in a 86 Golf

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	Grab your triple square for the bolts holding the C/V joints to the
tranny flanges and just the normal sockets and wrenches. Since you are
taking it from a wreck a good pair of cutters to cut wires and hoses hastens
the job. Use an engine hoist to hold the engine while you undo the bolts
from the exhaust down pipe, the back, the right side, the left side and
front motor mounts. Let the motor-tranny down to the ground and lift the
front of the car with the engine hoist and slide the motor tranny out from
underneath. If it takes you more than two hours you were really slacking.
Brian Decker

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I have an opportunity to get a free diesel engine but I must remove it from 
the wreck in one day.  Any special hints?


Ron Schroeder

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