[Vwdiesel] Compression Test Results :-(

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Sat Mar 31 01:43:18 EDT 2007

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> I've read that a low reading can be because of valve leakage.  What
> causes valve leakage?  Would adjusting my valves fix that?  I've not
> looked into that yet.

  It doesn't take much of a leak to lose compression during 
a static compression test, on a diesel anyway.  It's probably 
not the valves (usualy not anyway) but it IS possible.  Using 
a tablespoon of oil is plenty to seal up ANYTHING in there 
that doesn't leak profusely.  It realyl blows around!  You're 
also lucky it didn't ignite and try to start!
 I'd sure check the valve clearances.  It only takes 15 to 20 
minutes to do a quick check for anything way tight.  If you're 
lucky nothing "burned" (set to .002" looser than setting spec) 
and they'll settle in and seal up.  Certainly worth a shot before 
pulling it down and ringing it.

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