[Vwdiesel] Sustainable Mobility

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Fri Nov 9 06:06:01 PST 2007

So a 20 year old jetta diesel running on (used) veggie oil doesn't make the cut?

Well you can take your GM Behemoth and stuff it where it fits.

It's all smoke (!) and mirrors, PT Barnum was right (is that where Chrysler
got the PT idea?)

For the last 60 years, sustainable mobility has been my tenet. In the middle
years, I did burn a lot of gas in V8s, but I didnt have to pay for it
myself. When that era ended suddenly, a few days later I was in my first
volks diesel.

There was a middle years 20 year stretch where I was in a 4 cyl mercedes
diesel, the only car I ever bought new off the show room floor.

In the last 20 years, I have accumulated a few Jettas to last me the rest of
my life, and the "special tools" to maintain them. And I have learned how to
use the little engine to its maximum without breaking it. The rest of the
car , with its goofy wiring, adequate suspension, cheap plastic components,
etc. just a cheap rolling container for the engine.

Supported by an assortment of trailers, roof racks,and easily removed seats
makes it the ultimate small pickup truck. Sustainable Mobility, indeed!

And as we sail in to max petro, never to return to cheap oil,  (weeks away
from $200/barrel)  we will watch the North American lemmings drive over the
cliff on the last drops in their tanks, along with head-up-the-ass car

It would be funny if all the gas cars stopped at the same instant, with
empty tanks, right where they stood.

A "green" apocalypse.


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