[Vwdiesel] 4 to 5 speed

Roger Brown r.c.brown at ieee.org
Wed Nov 14 08:16:33 PST 2007

Rudy wrote:
> Roger, are the selector levers the only difference between the two?  I'm
> wondering about the parts that are on the underbody of the car and the part
> that is bolted to the steering rack.
> I'm going to buy all the parts from you but I want them for my daily driver,
> 84 Jetta TD, this is just for a customer I'm selling a 5 speed transmission
> to.  He's doing the conversion from 4 to 5.  Thanks
> Rudy 

There are linkage differences (lengths and bends), mainly the rear selector rod on the 
4-speed has one bend and the 5 speed part has the two offset bends.  I think on the later 
models (Bentley lists a date) the 4-speeds used the shift rod bearing and bracket as the 
And the selector lever on the 4-speed is about 1/2 the length of the 5-speed part:

And then I think the under-car stop finger clearance adjustment is set to a different 
distance on the 5- vs. 4-speed.

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> Rudy wrote:
>> I'm looking far and wide for a set of 5 spd linkage and a 5 spd 
>> Transmission Mount for an A1 car.  Anybody have these parts that 
>> they'd like to part with?  Thanks.
>> Rudy
> You might try German Auto Parts, they should have a shifter rebuild kit w/
> most of the linkage and the mounts.  Or a junkyard: http://www.car-part.com/
> or I can make 5-speed
> linkages:
> 	http://www.4crawler.com/Diesel/ForSale/ShiftLinkage.shtml
> including an extension for the short 4-speed selector lever:
> 	    http://www.4crawler.com/Photos/103_pana/p1030497.jpg
> 4-speed lever has the stud where the black circle is, extension makes the
> lever as long as the 5-speed lever.  Cost is $25.00, simple bolt-on
> installation.



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