[Vwdiesel] Glow Plug Cycle WAS: Analyzing compression numbers - oil in injector hole?

Will Taygan william at taygan.com
Sat Nov 17 09:11:17 PST 2007

Loren,  I've checked my glow cycles, and mine stay on for the light plus
7 seconds afterwards.

Here's an example of the 7 second fast relay VW# 443911261:

AutoHausAZ:  Kracker 7 second  $29.95

GermanAutoParts:  Kracker 7 second  $23.78

BusDepot:  Kracker 7 second  $24.44

WorldImpex:  Bosch 6 second $75

I don't see any relays that stay on for the full cycle.  Maybe the older
ones do?  I do have a push-button on the 94 TD, and I always leave it
pushed in for 5 seconds after a start.  I'm a little concerned about
leaving it in too long (like 45 seconds after a start) and blowing the

I really like the idea of wiring a resistor inline on the glow sensor
wires, to lengthen glow times over the whole spectrum.  I'll check the
resistance cold and hot and get back to y'all.

The battery and starter are fairly old, and there is a little air in the
fuel line (I've been searching).  I'll wait till things break rather
than try to make a 16 year old car act like a new one.

Thanks for the reassurances about the oil in the injector hole.  The low
compression combined with black liquid made me nervous.


On Sat, 2007-11-17 at 02:48 -0500, LBaird119 at aol.com wrote:
>   The oil in the injector hole isn't uncommon.  It seems to 
> be oil, diesel and carbon.  I suspect it's from a bad seal 
> of the heat shield to the head or the injector nozzle.  I've 
> never seen it to be indicative of a problem.  :-)
>   Usually a slow start on a warm-ish engine is going to be 
> bad injectors, slow craniking speed, air in the fuel supply 
> or glow plugs.  The last two being not highly likely if you have 
> good cold starting.  Incorrect timing could affect it also but 
> usually affects cold starting as well also.
>   The glow plugs will stay on for the full cycle whether the 
> light comes on or not and regardless of how long it stays on.
> The light is an occupant indicator, the glow plugs are on a 
> set time timer.  The light is sort of a remote control using 
> the driver as a shut off relay for the glow plugs by cranking 
> the starter. ;-D
>      Loren

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