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> I don't see any relays that stay on for the full cycle.  Maybe the older
> ones do?  I do have a push-button on the 94 TD, and I always leave it
> pushed in for 5 seconds after a start.  I'm a little concerned about
> leaving it in too long (like 45 seconds after a start) and blowing the
> plugs.

  Realize that the "older" glow plug relay cycle was MUCH 
longer since those were "slow glow" compared to the 
"fast glow" plugs that superceeded them eventually.
  The pickup's relay is acting up (likely a marginal sensor or 
a weak ground somewhere).  I just keep it half unplugged.  
In the mornings I just lean forward, plug it in for a few seconds, 
pull it back halfway out, start and go.  No problems or rough 
running.  Doesn't take all that long of a glow, no afterglow, just 
a little pre-heat.   :-)

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