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> Are there 'better' injectors than stock on a '84 1.6td Quantum?  I've got 
> to get new ones and wonder if the injectors for a 1.9 would flow more diesel 
> than the injectors for a 1.6?  How else can I get more fuel into the motor?  
> Also, where are people finding the best prices?  I forget who sent the link, 
> but www.StopShopandDrive seems good - thanks for that!
> Jon

  You have a long way to go before you'll go beyond the 
capacity og the stock injectors.  The pump is capable of 
putting out solid black smoke from those... More wouldn't 
be any better.
  I've always found good pricing at www.dieselpage.com but 
haven't really checked on VW injectors there... that I recall 
anyway.  I think you'll have to call for pricing on non truck 

 See what's new at 

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