[Vwdiesel] adventures in engine pulling

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Coule be worse. A friend had the engine bored .020, only to find a crack at 
the front where the pump bolts up.

Tony Hoffman

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> Well I finally got to yank the 1.6 out of the '84 jetta. It had sunk
> into the dirt it sat so long, finally wrapped a chain around the B
> pillar and tossed the chain over the roof and pulled it up on it's side
> with the tractor to get at the axle shaft bolts, repeat for other side.
> Get it all disconnected, yank it out the top and haul it hanging off
> the bucket of the tractor to the shop. Happy camper so far, wasn't too
> hard to do really ... get it blocked up and start to pull the timing
> covers, for some reason I wanted to check the block heater, tilted it
> over a bit and yep, it had one, thats when I noticed the block was
> cracked ............ crack runs from the block heater almost to the
> head, not a happy camper anymore .... :-{ 4 hours of work down the
> drain. So now I don't have a rebuildable engine, just a 300lb boat
> anchor. So now I'm ordering a gasket set to replace the head on my '86.
> I'll just yank the head from that 1.6 and put it on mine and rebuild
> mine this spring/summer when I have more time and much better weather.
> Unless any of you think that there is a chance the block could be
> welded, but I doubt it really could, cast is a pain to weld to begin
> with, add in an oil and coolant saturated and it gets even worse. in
> the mean time, anyone know a good shop that can check my current head
> to see if it's salvageable.
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