[Vwdiesel] 1.6L Diesel Compression

Doyt W. Echelberger doyt at buckeye-express.com
Fri Nov 23 22:50:13 PST 2007

At 10:41 PM 11/23/2007, you wrote:
>Anyone know what cylinder compression should read on fresh 1.6L diesels?
>Also, what is the unacceptable level?
>Thanks, Mike in

Hello Mike...............Robert Bentley claims to know.....quoting from 
my  Jetta/Rabbit Diesel Service Manual... 77-84:
>Compression should be between 398 and 483 lbs per square inch (psi).
Difference between any two cylinders should not exceed 71 psi.
Low pressure in adjacent cylinders may be due to a leaking head gasket.
To determine if low pressure is due to rings, squirt SAE 40 motor oil into 
the cylinder through the injector hole and repeat the test. If readings 
then are higher, the rings are faulty. If the readings are still low, 
suspect faulty valves or a leaking head gasket.

Doyt in Ohio

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