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> A guy called in who is a trucker.  He said that one of
> the things he shipped was the parts for the giant
> electric generating wind turbines.  He said that they
> had to be in operation for something like 300 years
> before they would offset all the carbon it takes to
> actually truck it to the location!  I laughed out loud
> when I heard him say that!
  Many of the high mileage cars and hybrids are that way, 
as well as the compact fluorescent light bulbs.  Takes more 
energy to make them than you save by using them over 
something more conventional.  
Ever calculate the cost/savings ratio on a solar setup?  WITH 
all the incentives that make the sale of power up around $.50/
kwh, it takes between 7.5 and 10 years to balance out.  That's 
50 years at $.10/kwh power replacement or 200 years here, 
where power is about $.025/kwh!

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