[Vwdiesel] Polo TDI

James Hansen jhsg at sasktel.net
Thu Nov 29 11:52:49 PST 2007

Ever since the price of fuel went nuts, all the old A1's have come out 
of retirement in my neck of the woods. (Saskatchewan).  The bone yards 
are picked clean of A1 parts, and I actually see one or two every time I 
go to town.
Local kid has a tunered A1 Jetta that looks okay.

My 89 Jetta is still going, looks pretty darn good too.  Present owner 
is taking good care of it, sort of doing a diesel apprenticeship under 
my wing. Looking for 600000kms at the end of winter... still on original 
motor, no head work other than 2 cam followers.

There's a biodiesel plant a  hour away, but they are using it only for 
it's unique propertiews- selling it as penetrating oil, fuel additive, etc.
  Can't use it as biodiesel with fuel at current prices, it's not 
economical to do so.  They buy off grade and other canola not suited for 
the veg oil market to crush for bio-d at a fraction of the cost even.

Dan Sloan wrote:
> Here in central Iowa.. (Des Moines) in my parking lot there are on average a
> half a dozen TDI's and two A1 Rabbits.  The parking lot holds about 300
> cars. Could be a Midwest thing.  We've got Biodiesel plants sprouting in our
> soybean fields.
> FWIW there is at least one lowride Caddy with a TDI upgrade tooling around.
> They lowered it to normal A1 height..or lower, added the GTI snowflake rims,
> and interior, leaded in the door handles (suspect bondo) and added a little
> hood over the windshield.  Pretty cool looking truck.  I'd love to know who
> did it.
> -- Dan
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>> Even when
>> driving around in summer on vacation, just never see
>> anything A2 or older, and never see any other diesels,
>> maybe once or twice a year.
>   I have to admit I see very few older VW's around anymore.
> :-(  Recently though I've started seeing an occasional Rabbit 
> or Dasher, which is nice.  :-)  Most of the cars here lean 
> heavily toward pickups and SUV's but then, being a farming 
> area, it always has.
>   I get tired of the "you must feel guilty about the fuel you 
> burn" mantra we hear in the media every day.  Most of the 
> oil consumed in this country is NOT by cars driven daily.  
> Trucks, busses, planes and products made from oil FAR 
> outweigh motoring public's oil use many times over.
>      Loren
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