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ok, that was it, I found the article and it's as you say, better  
starting.  So ... if we could lower the cr to 18:1, how would we aid  
starting ....
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>> Actually I think it's more thermally efficient at higher compression
>> ratio's, burning fuel more completely. They only lower it due to
>> mechanical restraints. Makes it harder to contain the magic smoke the
>> higher you get the cr.
>   Well, according to a diesel, class instructional book I have,
> the main reason they go with higher compression is for better
> starting.  I never did read the whole SAE paper on the 1.5 but
> I've had a couple people tell me that it says VW found 18:1 to
> 19:1 to be the most efficient but chose 23:1 for dependable
> starting.  The same book covers an experimental, variable
> compression diesel, where the pistons are basically like big,
> hydraulic lifters.  As cylinder pressure increased, the pistons
> would compress more, giving lower compression.  The efficiency
> and power output was about double of the fixed compression
> version!  :-)
>   Once you get to a certain point, pumping losses exceed the
> higher compression gains from an engine.  I'd suspect that
> number is somewhere between 16:1 and 19:1.  I know with
> Dad's pu, as the rings and all seated in, it LOST power.  Turned
> out it'd had the wrong head gasket, I replaced with the same
> back when that's what you did rather than measure.  We had
> 700 to 750 psi compression!
>   You could actually feel the sluggishness as compression
> increased and robbed power.
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