[Vwdiesel] New TDI engine vs last years.

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Thu Nov 29 16:17:49 PST 2007

Tom, I don't often agree with the car guys on radio and this is one of  
those times.  Everything I have read about the new common rail TDI has  
been very positive, more power, quieter, simplier and with exceptional  
fuel economy.  As for the Westy, diesels only made it to the US in 82  
and 83.  There are some still around, I am doing a restoration and  
engine swap on one in my driveway.  I will have a turbo charged 1.9  
diesel from a 94 Jetta (shipped from overseas as they weren't  
available here).  I have had the trans done for better gearing, have  
added GTD nozzles for better fuel flow, and had a Canadian guru of  
diesels tweak the pump.  He and I estimate that once I have it all  
installed and intercooled, I should be putting out 110-120 hp.  If you  
want, you can come by and get your fixing looking at mine, I am in  
Grapevine. Drop me an email off list if you are interested.  Hayden
On Nov 29, 2007, at 2:57 PM, Tom Jansen wrote:

> Listening to Ed Wallace the CAR GUY on AM radio he reviewed the VW  
> TDI for
> this year.  Said the engine costs $1500 less than last years and said
> everything but it was CRAP compared to last years.   Dang wish I had  
> one of
> the older better ones.
> Anyone tell me what years were the better/ more reliable TDI's  and  
> anyone
> have one for sale around Dallas Tx.
> why don't people improve rather than just change things..  We need a  
> 1500 lb
> car that gets 50 mpg and scoots like a scalded dog!!!!
> I have a Saab 1990 900 turbo that gets 24 mpg withan auto.  It would  
> get 35
> if the tranny wasn't geared to do 3500rpm at 70.  I guess they  
> wanted to
> stay in the power band.  Thought that was what passing gear was all  
> about.?
> Thanks for insight and options.
> Oh also would like a Westiphalia VW camper with diesel 1987 - 1991  
> if they
> mad them in those years??  Almost traded for a 1982 a ways back.   
> Having mid
> life Chrisis and want to go camping again...
> Tom Jansen
> Coppell, Tx.
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