[Vwdiesel] injector cleaner/tester

jonathan hoehl jjhoehl at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 30 12:08:49 PST 2007

Has anyone successfully home-made a diesel injector tester?
The official factory tool we had for cleaning and testing Gas Volvo injectors was; a block of wood, glass jar for solvent, metal tube and fittings, hand-operated pump/lever.  You'd just squirt a bunch of solvent through until the spray pattern was back to good.
I've seen some people try to make something similar for the diesel injectors, but they couldn't get the pressures up high enough and they'd leak all over the place.  
If anybody was successfull, what kind of parts (fittings, pumps, ect.) did you use to make it work?
Any other ways to do it?  I've got a bunch of injectors lying around.  All unknown condition.  Some have rusty tips, been open to air...
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