[Vwdiesel] Espar and Block Heaters WAS: Head gasket thickness

Sandy Cameron scameron at storm.ca
Fri Nov 30 18:57:08 PST 2007

At 07:23 PM 30/11/2007 -0600, you wrote:
>Last one I looked at was around 1400 CND, or 1900USD.
>Okay maybe not that much difference...
>There are others, espar are the most desirable, eberspacher has been at 
>it for a while.  There's always a few on epay, sometimes they even work.
>Used around here are 600 as take offs from highway tractors.  Proheat 
>are pretty common too. Used they all seem to be the same price.

I hear the Espars are popular with the yachting set (don'tneed to ask the

I have a nice little pull-out from a highway tractor called a "Wintermiser"
It was on a truck we had at work. Not sure why it was changed out, but I got it.

Cute little forced-air boiler (diesel) and a circulating pump. It is intact,
but the control system is complex, with timers and cyclers and high and low
thermostats. I have not sat down to figure it out.

I just carry the 800 watt lunch box generator in the trunk, to use on the
block heater when needed. (Like over night at the  camp)
15 minutes of 350 watt block heater, and winter oil, no problems.

Since the block heater is located where it mainly heats the head and
injectors, it doesnt take much.

At home, I leave it plugged in all the time, and use a variac to drop the
voltage to make it about 150 watts, easier on the heater AND the pocket
book, and she's always hot to trot .

Even at 150 watts (1.5 amps on my amprobe) the engine is toasty, starts
instantly, and warms up quicker.

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