[Vwdiesel] What are the various model designations?

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Wasn't the B4 Passat the A3 Audi platform as well?
"I'll have a B5 with a W8 TDI 4motion to go please."

Tony and Lillie wrote:
> Yes, very close, Loren.
> He is correct on the A1, A2, and A3. The A3 was a mid model 1999 split. 
> That's when the A4 came in, and the A5 started in 2005. None of the "A" cars 
> are related to the "A" Audi's, though. That was an asumption some people 
> made since Audi made an A4 starting in 1996 and VW had the A4 chassis 
> starting in 1999. Some people call these MK cars, as in MK1 (Rabbit), MK2 
> (85-92 Golf/ Jetta). This was used mostly in the earlier years, though.
> The dashers were B1's, from 1974, maybe 73, through 1981. The Audi Fox was 
> also a very closely related B1 car. It was made from 1973-1979. The B2's are 
> the Audi 4000 and VW Quantum. VW went to the B3 chassis in 1990 in the US, 
> with a 16V 2.0 gasser. That was through 1992, when they also added the VR6 
> to the lineup. However, at this point, it was no longer related to the 
> Audi's. They did, and still do always use a longitudinal engine mount 
> (except for the VW based TT and A3). However, with the B5, VW went back to 
> the Audi longitudinal engine, and it's based on a stretched A4 (Audi) 
> platform. Confused yet?
> Audi A4, A6, A8 are not necessarily the engine designations. A4's are 
> available with 4's, V6's and V'8's. A6's are available with V6's and V8's, 
> and the current sport models have V10's. A8's are mostly V8's although the 
> newest sport models also have V10's.
> So, William, you have two B1's, and two A1's.
> Hope this helps more than confuses,
> Tony Hoffman
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>>> I keep seeing references to various VW model designations such as A-1, 
>>> A-2,
>>> B-4, etc. I own a 1981 Dasher, 1980 Dasher, (both wagons) &two '81 
>>> Rabbits
>>> (both 4 door hatchbacks), all diesels. What are their model designations 
>>> &what
>>> are the other model designations? Apparently Rabbit's, Golf's, Dasher's,
>>> Quantum's, Jetta's, Passet's, have their own alpha-numeric designation. 
>>> If I
>>> have this question, perhaps others do as well.
>>  Rabbit and Jetta are "A" bodies.  Just a factory "platform"
>> designation like early 70's or so Chryslers (?).  B body is the
>> Passat and Quantum(???)  Not sure about the rest.  B4 is 95
>> through 97.  A1 is 75 through 84.  A2 is 85 through 92(?)  I'd
>> have to look where A3 ended, about 99 I think but then you
>> get the Audi A4,A6 and A8 which are engine designations on
>> the body designation but the Jettas started using the previous
>> Audi platform about 02 or 03 I think.
>>  Not a lot of help I know.  ;-)
>>     Loren
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