[Vwdiesel] Water Leaks

Chuck Carnohan Chuck.Carnohan at itd.idaho.gov
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You have three places where these cars leak:

The doors- as already mentioned by Loren. The vinyl liner is/was there
for a reason
The windshield- You can go to a windshield repair place and get them to
run a bead of the right stuff under the gasket all the way around the
The Radio Antenna cable- Look in the L. front fender to make sure your
rubber gasket is doing it's job there. 

Chuck Carnohan

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I also checked that and found that my drains were plugged with caked
dirt. I cleaned it all out but still had the problem. The liner seemed
ok. Is there something specific that I could look for? I also found a
little bit of moisture on the firewall near the fuse block so I think
that's where it was coming from. But I'm not sure. Never did get it
pinned down very well.

The rubber seals at the base of my windows on all four windows has a gap
between the rubber and the glass. Is there a good way of taking care of
that? I tried silicone and then sliding a blade between it and the
glass, but it didn't last more than a few months. But even before I cut
the silicone I was STILL getting water in the rear of the car. The only
prices I found for a new set was something like $400-600. Not something
I'm willing to pay to fix up my old car. (Well, I'd pay that for the
engine or tranny, but not for some window seals!)


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> > I have two A1 Jetta's, both get wet floors in the back passenger 
> > side in
> a
> > good rain.  I can't imagine or seem to find where they may be
> > Occasional small drips in front in the Fuse Panel area but front 
> > floors
> stay
> > dry.  Anybody have any experience with this?  Thanks.
> >
>   Usually ends up being the plastic liner behind the rear door panel.
> Gotta do one of those on my '85 before winter hits again.  It had a 
> few inches of water...  make that ice in it this spring.  :-( Check 
> the bottom of the door panel after it rains or you hose it.  Mine was 
> wet.
>     Loren
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