[Vwdiesel] trunk Water Leaks (Erik Lane)

paul lew biovolks at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 1 13:12:47 PDT 2007

I used to have the trunk leaking problem in my jetta,
  it turns out it was leaking between the seal between the tail light assembly and the car
  It travels from the channel  on the out side of the trunk seal down to on top of the tail
  light ,and into the trunk

Ooh, now that's a real possibility! I get water in the trunk too - my left
rear quarterpanel is smashed a bit. I didn't think that the damage would
leak like it does sometimes so I kept looking for water to be going the
other way - from the passenger compartment backwards, not the other way
around. But one day I found that the seam between quarterpanel and the rear
of the car has come apart just a little and water comes in that way. I never
even thought to look for water migrating from the trunk forwards.

Loren - the plastic is not quite attached at the bottom, but it does overlap
the metal of the door so I thought that it would be ok. I'll have to take
another look at it and test it. Thanks!

Thanks to both of you!

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