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> I believe the replacement Gasket is Rubber and not a Glue in one.  I'm
> wondering if I leave the Metal Strips for this Gasket or remove them.  I'd
> appreciate any suggestions from anyone who's installed a Windshield using
> this Gasket.  I'm thinking I'll install it and then run a bead of Sealant
> under the Seal afterwards.
  There's only two ways the windshields go in.  Rubber gasket
(with or without the chrome inset) or urethane adhesive.  If 
it's the gasket then you have a lip over the windshiled and 
inside over the boy metal and headliner all on the same gasket 
the windshield sets in. 
  If it's glue in (I forgot if this is an A1 or A2) you could switch 
to a gasket on an A1 but the A2 were all glue in.  The only thing 
on those is a "trim" piece.  Not sure if there are replacements of 
those out there or not. I would presume so.  New windshileds 
come with it glued on.  Your favorite glass guy would know/have 
about replacement trim.  
  On the A2 the windshiled's part of the body integrity I believe
(it REALLY is on the Passat) so proper adhesive and its application 
is not only important to prevent leaks and cracks, it keeps the 
car from flexing as much.
  I just had the Passat and Jetta done.  I checked with a friend 
with a body shop, got a number and got them installed for $75 
each including adhesives and removal.  The Jetta took him 
about 4 hours from what I could tell (it was at Dad's).  The 
Passat took about an hour give or take.
  I've done several windshileds and I'll likely NEVER try doing 
one of these glued in.  You MUST MUST MUST have the 
correct stuff to start with.  He didn't even have the right 
stuff for the Passat.  He had to order it in.  He also cleaned 
and primed any rust he found on the Jetta.

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