[Vwdiesel] Best source for the Mahle oil filters

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You might try Halsey Import Parts in Portland, OR.  Great prices and service
is very good, always same day shipping, no tax.  Mostly VW Parts and very


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mikitka wrote:
> Forgot to ask, there is a special tool for removal?  I just used a 
> long screw driver to take the filter off. That is the best part of that
> K&N has it down pat with their little nut welded onto the bottom of 
> the filter, wish they all did that.  Can't raise the cost to much to 
> manufacture if they did, heck I would pay extra for the convenience to
have that.
> Nick

Yes, they have a nice socket adapter with the two tabs to engage the slots
in the filter base.  Just stick that on an extension and turn it loose with
a ratchet.  It came in the box of filters I picked up from someone about 7-8
years ago.


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