[Vwdiesel] outer CV question

Tony and Lillie tonyandlillie1 at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 6 17:42:21 PDT 2007

It should work, but I don't have first hand experience. If the splines are 
the same for both the axle side and the hub side, I don't see why it would 
be a problem. Please let us (the list) know for collective knowledge for the 
future. BTW, if the rabbit doesn't work, and a 4000Q will, let me know off 
list. I've got a few ;-)

Tony Hoffman

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> Hi,
>   My daughter has a 1993 VW Fox.  She came home
> saying that her car was making clunking noises when
> turning.  I got underneath and found the passenger
> side CV joint boot ripped.  I took off the CV and was
> going to replace it with a new CV  joint that I had
> for my Rabbit.  I looked in my Parts Place for VW
> catalog and they list a different part number for the
> Fox outer CV then the Rabbit.  They look the same.
> Does anyone know if it is okay to use the Rabbit CV on
> the Fox.
> Thanks
> Dave
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