[Vwdiesel] Cooling Systems

David J Hatzenbuhler hatzie at fuse.net
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The top radiator hose should feed the large fitting in the Front-center of the head between the cam gear and the flywheel.  

The above outlet on the head also has a fitting facing down toward the water pump. There should be an L shaped hose that mates to the top fitting on the water pump.  This is the thermostat-bypass or warmup hose.  

The center pipe on the water pump should exit into steel piping.  This is the heater return and overflow tank line. 

The bottom fitting on the water pump is the thermostat housing that mates to the bottom of the radiator.

The fitting on the flywheel end of the head is the heater feed.

I'd put a 180deg pipe in place of the heater core back to the side of the head to keep the coolant flow thru the head unchanged.  

I'd also keep the overflow tank including the small air bleed hose that feeds back to the radiator.  You'll have a conveinient sight glass and fill point for the cooling system and the air bleed hose makes the system self-bleeding.
You should keep the height of the max line on the overflow tank slightly above the top of the water jacket in the head.  

Hope this helps

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I am setting up a 1600 diesel to run a generator. I have a heavy duty 
radiator with a pipe on the bottom and one on the top. The engine has 3 
pipes on the water pump, one on the side of the head, and one on the 
back end  of the head. Does anyone know the best way to pipe this thing 
up. Fran.

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