[Vwdiesel] Old VW alternator alignment problems

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Tue Oct 9 23:13:45 PDT 2007

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> I knew about that 
> problem, but was unaware of the deteriorating bushing process.
> Hope the technician knows of what he speaks. Maybe the list can confirm it.

  I remember those bushings!  I don't recall exactly where 
they are but I believe they're on one or both ends of the 
tensioning arm.  That really won't affect the alignment.  As 
I recall the alt is metal to metal in the bracket with metal to 
metal from the bolt to the alt and the bracket.  This is where 
alignment comes from.  Bad rubber (more of a clearish plastic-ish
stuff as I recall) would allow more rattle/shaking and thus 
wear on the metal to metal contacts.  Mine wore on the ends 
more than the inside of the mounting boss.  I'd put a washer in 
there to take up the space.  Finally I replaced the alt. because 
of that wear mostly.
  The A2 eliminated those bushings and went with a solid arm 
and the tension adjustment comes from a seperate idler pulley.

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