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> I'm not too concerned about much in the jetta, as soon as the engine is 
> out, the body gets scraped. can you separate the engine and tranny and 
> just pull the engine, or is it easier to yank both at the same time ? 
> If it's easier to just drop them in together I'll just swap out both, 
> the tranny is good in the jetta. Then the golf engine gets tore down 
> and rebuilt if the head isn't too fubared, I think the wife overheated 
> it. The head gasket was bad, typical leaking oil into the coolant, but 
> now I'm going through a lot of coolant. It doesn't seem to be making 
> into the oil, but I do get a nice white cloud when I start it up in the 
> morning. Could this just be the head gasket letting go a little more ?

  It's pretty typical to burn coolant and never see any in the oil 
with these.  There are only three passages that go to the 
crankcase.  All are on the perimeter and two are in the corners.
Oil in the coolant comes from one passage and is from the seal 
in the head gasket, around that passage, letting go.  As the 
head gasket goes more and more you lose more compression 
and get more coolant loss.  It generally goes between #2 and 
#3 and the coolant passages are all pretty close to the cylinders.
You'll probably see about .006 to .008 warpage across your 
head but 90% of that will be around the very perimeter so it's 
  You can pull the tranny w/o pulling the engine but to do the 
opposite borders on certifiable!  ;-D
  Check your tranny ratios on Roger's online chart and see which 
one gives you the best ratios.  Usually the overall highest will be 
best.  :-)

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